No kittens right now!
Unfortunately we have no kittens right now. Hopefully there will be a litter in early June. The kittens usually disappear very quickly, so if you are interested, please contact me in advance Facebook or:

Cats sold to companionship may be neutered on delivery

Here's how it works:
When we have come so far that it is time to approach things, we will agree on a day and time to meet (provided that it is possible to resolve purely from a distance or for other reasons). You can then meet me and the kittens as well as mom and possibly dad if he is here at home. And I get to meet you. If we can not meet in person, it has previously worked very well with messenger calls or the like and phone calls. If everything feels good for both parties and you / you are stuck for an accessible little one who is also suitable for your family (I guide), then we move on. You can go home and think through the decision and read the contract in peace and quiet. If it feels right we continue with the agreements.

Kitten for Breeding ...
♦ For breeders testing for HD.
♦ For breeders testing for HCM (Ultrasound).
♦ For breeders who work for greater genetic variation.

Kitten for Company ...
♦ The requirement is that company cats bought by me must always be neutered within 6 months.
♦ Outdoor activities are allowed, freely or in harness.
♦ Kittens bought from me must be insured for the rest of their lives.

If you are new and want help, feel free to contact me! You can also read and learn very useful things at:
Maine Coon Education